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Apart from just the pattern and the texture, you can also give your concrete a different color. No, we are not talking about concrete painting, but rather concrete staining. Frequently, property owners are only familiar with concrete painting. Concrete staining is the process of adding color to your concrete by allowing the color to pass through the layer of concrete. Unlike painting, concrete staining gives a more luminous and transparent glow in different tones and color.

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With stamped concrete, it alters the patterns and texture. But with concrete staining, it modifies the color instead. Here at The Vacaville Concrete Company, we give our clients the liberty to opt for any color that they want. Our most popular choices include earth shades, deep colors, pastel shades, and neutral colors. Although we also have clients here and there who would prefer brighter colors instead.

Due to the size of the role that the color plays, some property owners are hesitant to choose on their own. Fortunately, we have associates here in our company who are knowledgeable in design and can give helpful recommendations.

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